Safety Involvement

A Comprehensive Approach to Employee
Safety Involvement & Recognition 
Designed by Dibble & Dibble

Safety Involvement and Recognition:

Year-long Umbrella Safety Themes reinforce thematic safety focuses by promoting the overall concept with:

Quarterly Safety Focus Involvement Campaigns freshen the program with emphasis on “on-the-job” actual and potential injuries by targeting specific safety challenges.

Examples of some of our campaigns include:

Safety Is A Family Affair ©
Family Involvement Safety Campaign –
Bringing the safety message home and
reinforcing safety values where they begin

Catch a Close Call ©
Near Miss Reporting Campaign –
“Decriminalizes” the Near Miss and
Encourages Participation

Safety Wins Hands Down ©
Hand Safety Campaign

Spurn That Burn ©
Thermal and Chemical Burn Prevention Campaign

Surefoot ©
Slips, Trips & Falls Prevention Campaign

Quarterly or Monthly Recognition is acknowledged by distributing Award Points to those individuals, teams or supervisors who achieve their goals.

Three categories of recognition are:

Additional ways to use Award Points as a currency of recognition:

It has been our experience that cash value awards, such as Gift Certificates, are often viewed as wages and salary over a period of time, whereas a Points System is more multi-dimensional. It creates a pull of an incentive for employees to accumulate as many points as they can so that they can receive higher level or more awards.

Let us know:
What your safety challenges are?
What makes your facility unique?
What the current safety culture is like?

We offer customized solutions to address your goals.

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